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News from WCC

Water justice focus of consultation in Nigeria
Representatives from the WCC's Ecumenical Water Network gathered in Nigeria from 27-29 November to discuss water as a basic human right in Africa and beyond.
WCC Executive Committee issues statement on climate justice
While meeting in Nanjing and Shanghai, China, from 17-23 November, the WCC Executive Committee issued a statement on climate justice that reiterates the urgent concerns of churches in relation to climate change, and calls on all states to fulfill the commitments of the Paris Agreement.
Global water rights advocates support WCC joining Blue Communities
When the WCC joined the Blue Communities Project on 25 October, water and eco-justice advocates from around the world offered congratulations, while at the same time urging WCC member churches to join the quest for global water and sanitation rights.
Joining Blue Communities, WCC turns from bottles to taps
WCC is casting out its bottled water and has joined the Blue Communities Project. Maude Barlow, co-founder of the Blue Planet Project, on 25 October awarded the WCC a “blue community certificate” and launched tap-based public water fountains at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva.
WCC photo among Green Cross International exhibits at UN in Geneva
Green Cross International has launched a new edition of The Future We Want photo exhibition for 2016 at the United Nations in Geneva. It features a number of its new partner organizations from around the world, including the WCC.
New guide on climate justice and water released
“Water, food and climate justice are key to a sustainable future.” This was one of the key messages from the WCC Ecumenical Water Network at the recent general assembly of the Council of Presbyterian and Reformed Churches of Latin America, in Sao Paolo, Brazil, in mid-August. As part of its work on climate change and access to safe drinking water, AIPRAL released a new pedagogical tool at the assembly: the book “We are on Time”.
Faith to play key role in achieving SDGs, says panel at World Water Week
How can religion and faith communities contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? Setting out to address this very question, a panel of faith representatives gathered at World Water Week in Stockholm on 29 August, introduced by keynote speaker Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace at the Vatican. The panel was also welcomed by Rt. Rev. Thomas Söderberg, Church of Sweden.
World Social Forum sows seed of hope in global north
A delegation from the WCC attended the 12th World Social Forum in Montreal, Canada, which concluded on 14 August. More than 30,000 participants from around the world gathered to discuss global issues based on their local experiences, network with others working on similar problems, and create new joint initiatives advancing a progressive path forward.
Water in a sustainable future
More than 80 people from 23 European countries travelled to Helsinki for the 11th Assembly of the European Christian Environmental Network.
Winners of WCC photo contest announced
Between 7-27 March, more than 100 images with the hash tag #7Weeks4Water were posted by Instagram users who joined the World Council of Churches (WCC) contest. Most of them told stories about water justice, illustrating the Lenten campaign “Seven Weeks for Water,” promoted by the WCC Ecumenical Water Network annually since 2008.
هند خوري: يناضل الفلسطينيون من أجل تحقيق عدالة المياه لأن الإسرائيليين يهيمنون على موارد المياه
من وجهة نظر السيدة هند خوري أن مسألة تحقيق عدالة المياه هى مسألة بسيطة للغاية.
Palestinians fight for water justice as Israelis dominate resources, says Khoury
For Hind Khoury the issue of water justice is quite simple. She believes there is no water justice in Palestine because access to clean water for drinking and sanitation exists in Israel but not in the Palestinian territories it occupies.
Conference calls for ecological reformation of Christianity
“An ecological reformation of Christianity is a matter of repentance, conversion and renewal for all Christian traditions,” reads the “Volos Call,” a statement issued after a meeting of church representatives from different traditions and all continents, held in Greece, between 10-13 March.
يتحدث المطران يونان قائلا : إن حل أزمة المياه في فلسطين قائم على تحقيق العدالة في المنطقة
عندما يتحدث المطران الفلسطيني منيب يونان عن أزمة المياه فأنه يربط حل الأزمة بتحقيق العدالة في كل من فلسطين وإسرائيل.
Thirst in Palestine linked to justice, says Bishop Younan
When Palestinian Bishop Munib Younan talks about the thirst, he links it with a quest for justice in both Palestine and Israel.
وفرة المياه في البرازيل لا تعني ان هناك سهولة للجميع في الحصول على المياه النظيفة
على الصعيد العالمي تأتي البرازيل في المرتبات الأولي بين بلدان العالم ذات المياه الغزيرة.
Brazil’s plentiful water does not mean there is easy access to clean water for all
On the world scale of countries with plentiful water, Brazil comes out in the top league. It has 12 percent of the world’s fresh water supplies. Yet Magali do Nascimento Cunha does not see her country scoring so well when it comes to water and sanitation distribution.
تحيط المياه جزرتونغا من كل الجوانب ولكنه ليس أمرا مفروغا منه!
نرى الكثير من موارد المياه في تونغا ، ولكن لا يوجد بالضرورة الكثير من الناس الذين يستهلكونها.
Tonga, surrounded by water, yet can’t take it for granted
In Tonga there is lot of water to see, but not necessarily a lot for people to use. Mele’ana Puloka, a member of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, is World Council of Churches president for the Pacific, living on the islands that have a population of about 106,000.
Water is a gift, and a right for all, says WCC moderator
Water is often presented as life. But it is also a gift and a right which must be available to all, says Agnes Abuom.