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Week 7: Water for Guatemala's landless

In many countries, rural communities, in particular indigenous peoples, rural women and peasant communities, are struggling to protect the integrity of Creation and their rights to water, land and territory.In Guatemala, the Lutheran church (ILUGUA) accompanies communities who are trying to safeguard the forests, water, and biodiversity of the Las Granadillas Mountain which are threatened by excessive logging carried out by big landholders. 

As they challenge the interests of powerful landowners those defending the environment and the rights of the communities in Las Granadillas have been harassed, threatened, and branded as criminals.

Yet this final week of the 7 Weeks for Water does not only speak of struggle and conflict. It highlights the inspiration, hope and strength which these communities and those accompanying them draw from their faith and fellowship.

Biblical reflection: We decide to do your will

José Pilar Alvarez from the Lutheran Church of Guatemala writes about the role of faith for communities who defend the land and water they depend on. Read more...

Background & resources: 

A short overview provided by ILUGUA over the efforts to protect and preserve the forests, water, and biodiversity of the Las Granadillas Mountain and the harassment and criminalization experienced by the church members and their partners. Read more...

What you can do:

As we come to the close of this year’s Seven Weeks for Water, please join us in this prayer for justice and peace. Read more...