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Week 2: What kind of economy do we want?

Week 2: What kind of economy do we want?

Bangkok Floating Market. Photo: Flickr

Water is a key element of biological, meteorological, ecological, economic and political reality. It also has a deeply spiritual meaning in the world's religious traditions, including Christianity. Water plays a vital role in the beliefs, stories and practices of all religious traditions.

One of the gifts of inter-religious dialogue today is awareness of one another's beliefs, wisdom, and spiritualities. In this week's reflection by Prof. Dr Seong-Won Park, the Korean theologian introduces us to a foundational Asian spiritual tradition's teaching on water.

One can say that this week's reflection actually is not "on water". It rather uses water and its spiritual attributes as a starting point to reflect on the values and the principles that should be embodied in our relationship with the earth and within the human community.

Reflection: A spiritual basis for an alternative economy

Rev. Dr Seong-Won Park on how the characteristics of water in the Taoist thinking may inspire an alternative vision for a life-giving and just economy. Read more...

Background & resources:

Look here for some selected resources that address the links between religion, theology and economics. Read more...

What you can do:

Let us know what the three key ethical principles are that, in your own opinion, should guide you, the life of your community and the workings of our economy. Read more...