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Week 7: Envisioning the new normal

Week 7: Envisioning the new normal

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During these past Seven Weeks for Water we have touched upon but a few of the many practical ways by which individuals and communities can make this world and the economy a little more just, more compassionate, and more caring towards both people and creation. This includes but is not limited to how we use and share the gift of water.

There have also been reflections on different visions of what the world can be and how we can live in it. "There are signs in many places in Latin America of God acting through the peoples," wrote Abraham Colque in a previous reflection. "Dreams are being woven, alternatives being constructed, with the aim of 'living well' for the whole community and not the 'good life' for a few individuals at the expense of the rest."

The monumental ecological and economic challenges of today can be daunting. But as this year’s Seven Weeks for Water come to an end, we would like to remind you of the ancient Chinese saying that goes: "It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness."

On Easter Eve many of us will be passing one by one a light that begins with a single candle in the darkness. Let us also light a candle, and another, and another, in our daily practices and by imagining and striving towards the future we want.

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