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Who we are

Who we are

The International Reference Group of EWN

Who we are

The Ecumenical Water Network (EWN) is an ecumenical initiative of the World Council of Churches and is based at its headquarters in Geneva. It is comprised of a network of churches and church-related organizations that promotes the preservation, responsible management and equitable distribution of water for all, based on the understanding that water is a gift of God and a fundamental human right.

If you represent a church or another organization interested in joining the Ecumenical Water Network, please contact the EWN Secretariat:

Postal address:

P.O. Box 2100

CH-1211 Geneva2


Visiting address:

150 Route de Ferney

Geneva, Switzerland

Phone: (+41-22) 791 6205

Fax: (+41 22) 791 6201

Website: ;



Individuals are welcome to join the Ecumenical Water Network as an EWN Supporter.

Participant Churches / organizations: (All member churches of WCC are by default members of EWN. The following have a stronger working relationship with EWN - not updated)

The Forum of participants determines fields of concern and priorities for action for the network. Click here for the statement  of the last EWN Forum /Strategic Consultation in 2013

The EWN International Reference Group:

The International Reference Group is responsible for the preparation and follow-up of the concerns and priorities for action determined by the Forum.

Its current members are:

  • Carolin Callenius, Brot für die Welt (Germany)
  • Rommel Linatoc, Christian Conference of Asia (Philippines)
  • Asa Elfstrom, Church of Sweden (Sweden)
  • David Weaver, Church World Service (USA)*
  • Veronica Flachier, Latin American Council of Churches (Ecuador)
  • Elias Wolff, National Conference of Brazilian Bishops(Brazil)
  • Simon Awad, Middle East Council of Churches (Jerusalem)
  • Gaim Kebreab, Norwegian Church Aid (Norway)
  • Joseph Komakoma, Symposium of Episcopal Conferences in Africa and Madagascar (Ghana)
  • Susan Smith, United Church of Christ ( USA )
  • Bishop Arnold Temple,  All Africa Conference of Churches (Kenya)

* David Weaver has left CWS. We are awaiting a replacement from CWS.

The EWN Secretariat:

Mr Dinesh Suna, a Programme Executive of the World Council of Churches (WCC)  facilitates and coordinates the work of the Ecumenical Water Network (EWN) from its headquarters in Geneva.   The EWN  is part of WCC's Economic and Ecological Justice unit which belongs to  WCC's Programme on Public Witness and Diakonia.