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EWN participates in the 7th World Water Forum

13 April 2015

On 12 – 17 April, the WCC’s Ecumenical Water Network (EWN) will participate in the 7th World Water Forum in Daegu and Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea. It is represented by its coordinator, Dinesh Suna.

The 7th World Water Forum (WWF), which is the world’s largest event on water issues, has been organized by the World Water Council once every three years since 1997, around the dates of World Water Day (22 March). The WWF is attended by officials, legislators, and local and regional authorities from more than 150 nations. Several NGOs and civil society organizations also participate in it, as important stakeholders. As the WWF organizers say, “the forum is a unique multi-stakeholder platform where the water community and the policy and decision makers from all regions of the world can work together to find joint solutions”.

Dinesh Suna, who is on his way to attend the forum, says that “apparently the current global water industry is calculated at approximately USD 500 billion and it is estimated that by 2025, this has the potential to reach USD 20 trillion. When water seems more lucrative to industries than petroleum products, the World Water Council must safeguard the interest of almost 1 billion poor, who are deprived of access to safe drinking water”.

“The WWF has an excellent opportunity to strengthen the proposed post-2015 Sustainable Development Goal no. 6, to “ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”, which will be launched later this year during the UN General Assembly in New York”, he adds.

Stay tuned and visit us again soon to get first-hand information of the proceedings of the World Water Forum through the Ecumenical Water Network.

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