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News from WCC

WCC Annual Review 2014
The 2014 Annual Review of the World Council of Churches, now published and posted online, reports on the 2014 activities and projects of the council.
World Water Day: Churches reflect on the significance of water
Ahead of World Water Day on 22 March, a number of Christian organizations are reflecting on the significance of water – a scarce resource threatened and denied to millions around the world.
Water network develops a theological framework for water justice
What is our call to respond to the global water crisis? In what way is our response different from other actors? To respond to these questions within a theological framework of water justice, the Ecumenical Water Network convened theologians from around the world at the Ecumenical Institute.
A community of young Christians, Muslims and Jews works for climate justice
Amidst the reality of tensions often fueled by religions, a group of Christian, Muslim and Jewish youth has formed a multi-faith community. As part of an interfaith summer course sponsored by the WCC, this community wants to work for the protection of creation – a concern they say is common to all faith traditions.
Israeli attacks have worsened water systems in Gaza
The recent air strikes by Israel on the Gaza Strip have crippled the water distribution system. Dinesh Suna, coordinator of the Ecumenical Water Network of the WCC, shares that an already challenging water situation in Gaza has recently worsened because of the violence, threatening the fundamental human right to water and sanitation.
WCC Central Committee to bolster churches’ initiatives for climate justice
In a session on 4 July in Geneva, Switzerland, the WCC Central Committee focused on one of the world’s most threatening challenges – climate change.
Equitable distribution of water is a key issue in West Bank and Gaza
“The Palestinian people thirst for water justice.” So claims a recently issued statement by a fact-finding group that this month visited Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza to better understand the critical issues of water and sanitation in Palestine.
Seven Weeks for Water: Invitation to join “pilgrimage towards water justice”
Starting on Monday, 3 March, the “Seven Weeks for Water” campaign invites churches, faith-based organizations and individuals around the world to join a “pilgrimage towards water justice”.
The UN declares 19 November as World Toilet Day
World Toilet Day on 19 November 2013 was celebrated as United Nations World Toilet Day for the first time. The UN endorsement for World Toilet Day came almost 2 decades later than for World Water Day.
Religious leaders highlight significance of water at WCC assembly
A symbolic act of pouring water into one common vessel, carried out by religious leaders representing Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist faiths, marked the significance of water in various religious traditions. This action took place at the WCC 10th Assembly, currently underway in Busan, Republic of Korea.
Swiss Christians reflect on water issues
Celebrating water as God’s creation and reflecting on challenges faced by people having inadequate access to this life-giving resource, members of churches in Onex, Switzerland, gathered together in Geneva. Their meeting was held beside a pond called Étang des Mouilles on the rainy Sunday morning of 15 September.
EWN consultation calls for universal access to water and sanitation
A statement issued at the WCC consultation calls on churches, governments and the United Nations to ensure universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene, while placing access to water prominently on their post-2015 agendas.
At Kirchentag Olav Fykse Tveit highlights churches’ role in establishing ecological justice
In a talk during the German Protestant Kirchentag in Hamburg, the WCC general secretary stressed the leading role of churches worldwide in the process of establishing justice and an ecologically-friendly way of life.
WCC addresses mining and extraction issues at World Social Forum
At the recent World Social Forum, ecumenical voices warned about the grave consequences of extraction of natural resources and mining, which they say generate a tremendous amount of social and ecological debt.
Churches support justice movements in economy and ecology
Church representatives at a recent Oikotree Global Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa stressed the need to support peoples'€™ movements promoting justice in the economy and ecology, a concern, they say, that lies at the heart of the faith.
Working for climate justice is an ethical and spiritual imperative
Climate change is causing massive violations of human rights. This point was made at a side event on “human rights and climate change” during the 22nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.
Statement on global economy delivered to Bolivia
In La Paz, an ecumenical delegation delivered to Bolivian government officials a statement on ethical principles for a new global economic system. The statement was received by Bolivian minister of the presidency Juan Ramon Quintana at the government palace on 9 January.
German water rights campaign hands steering wheel over to WCC
The German Protestant aid agency Brot für die Welt has handed a steering wheel, symbol of its water campaign, over to the WCC, thus symbolically handing responsibility for this concern and a newly formed Ecumenical Water Network.