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Seven Weeks for Water - Archive

Since 2008, the Ecumenical Water Network has been providing weekly reflections and other resources on water for the season of Lent. These Seven Weeks for Water are a way of raising awareness around World Water Day on 22 March.

Resources include background papers, campaigning links and ideas for activities by churches, congregations and individuals. The reflections focus on the Biblical values of justice, love for one's neighbour and care for creation.

Materials from previous years:

Since the World Council of Churches’ 10th Assembly in 2013, the council has embarked on a “Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace”, leading the EWN to delve deeper into its theological inspiration and motivation to engage in issues related to water justice. Therefore, in line with the previous year, the theme for the Seven Weeks for Water 2015 was “Towards Water Justice: A Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace”.
The WCC 10th Assembly in late 2013 encouraged the churches to embark on a pilgrimage of justice and peace. While water is intrinsically connected with the overall wellbeing of the people, billions of people around the world are deprived of access to water and sanitation. In 2014 the Seven Weeks for Water were an opportunity to reflect on this injustice against more than one third of the world's population.
2013: selected reflections
The resources published in 2013 are comprised of seven selected reflections from the past that give a taste of the regional, confessional and gender diversity of the contributors. The biblical reflections are complemented with new ideas for study, reflection and action.
2012: The Economy of Water
In 2012, the Seven Weeks for Water payed special attention to the emerging and controversial “Green Economy” concept. The Green Economy aims at reconciling economic development with environmental and social well-being. It was one of the key topics for debate in the run-up to the United Nations' "Rio+20" Conference on Sustainable Development.
2011: Water, Conflict and Just Peace
In 2011, the Seven Weeks for Water focused on “Water, conflict and just peace”, examining the links between access to water, water struggles, and building just peace
2010: Holy Water
In 2010 the theme of the Seven Weeks was “Holy Water”. We explored what the meaning and use of water in our liturgical traditions can tell us about the meaning and use of water in our everyday life? And vice versa - how can the reality of water today, including the crisis of water, inform and inspire our liturgical use of water?
2009: Water and Justice
Steve de Gruchy (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa), Fulata Mbano-Moyo (World Council of Churches, Switzerland), David Pickering (Operation Noah, United Kingdom), Carlos Möller (National Council of Christian Churches, Brazil), Jordan Blevins (NCC Eco-Justice Program, USA), Anderson Jeremiah (Christ Church Morningside, Scotland) and Jane Stranz (World Council of Churches, Switzerland) have contributed reflections on water and justice to the Seven Weeks for Water in 2009.
Seven Weeks for Water 2008
World Water Day is on March 22nd, which in 2008 was Holy Saturday for churches belonging to the western traditions of Christianity.

Please note: Opinions expressed in Biblical reflections or background resources do not necessarily reflect EWN and WCC policy.