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Seven Weeks for Water 2013

Since 2008, during the Lent season, the Ecumenical Water Network has invited churches, faith based organizations and individuals to celebrate Seven Weeks for Water. More than forty reflections have been produced by renowned theologians from across the world over the last five years. For 2013, we have come out with a selection of seven of these reflections that will give you a taste of the regional, confessional and gender diversity of our contributors, and complemented them with new ideas for study, reflection and action.
Seven Weeks for Water 2013

Cross cut from the ice of a lake near the Finnish Orthodox monastery of Valamo for the Blessing of Waters on the feast of Epiphany.

Week by week, this website will be updated with reflections on the following themes:

Week 1: Drip, drip, drip
Week 2: Waters of baptism, water of life
Week 3: Wells of quarrel – space for peace
Week 4: Thirst for water – thirst for life

Week 5: Sister water or blue gold?
Week 6: Give me water... the living water!
Week 7: We need to wash our dirty feet

You can also download and make free use of the following booklet containing all seven reflections as well as two orders of worship for use on and around World Water Day: Reflections on Water (pdf, 4.6 MB)